Repair mechanical seals

If you entrust your mechanical seals to us, they will be processed as follows:

  • Intake: receipt of your mechanical seal and entry in register of serial numbers
  • Visual check: enlargement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Sand-blasting if necessary
  • Pre-treatment in the case of run-in grooves
  • Preparatory and finish lapping: 25 – 6 and 2 µ of the sliding surface on production machines for all materials:
  • silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, carbon. Any corrections in deliberation with customer.
  • Cleaning sliding surfaces after lapping
  • Check by means of monochromatic light and flat glass
  • Fitting the seal and replacing O-rings
  • Final check: pressure test by cartridge seals
  • Dispatch: archiving the work sheet

Manufacture of parts in silicion carbide

  • Reaction bonded and sintered (Q2 and Q1)
  • Specifically for seal faces, bushes, spray nozzles, etc.

Manufacture of parts in tungstencarbide

  • Tungsten carbide pieces.
  • Nikkel or cobalt bounded.